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Mastering Technical Analysis

for Crypto

Suitable for Traders and Long Term Investors

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Do Not Trust YouTube Trading Gurus!

I set out to create FREE YouTube content daily to counter against the abundance of YouTube Moonboys leading new investors astray...

You've tried to search for Technical Analysis advice on YouTube and there's an issue...

Everyone contradicts each other!

The average Crypto YouTube with a high following has no formal trading experience nor training.

I learnt the basics of my Technical Analysis in Traditional Finance. I was a trader at a top American Investment Bank.

I saw and learnt from the PROFESSIONALS exactly how they trade and how they use Technical Analysis to build wealth.

More importantly, I learnt how they would unethically use *this* very knowledge to manipulate the average retail investors...

A Decade of Painstaking Learning in One Programme

I've put everything you need to build wealth using Crypto and Technical Analysis all in one place!

These are insights, tricks and tips I've learnt from over 10 years of reading, scouring websites, professional training, seminars... and you get it all in one place to watch with a cup of coffee...

You'll save hundreds of hours from not needing to watch countless contradictory YouTubers anymore - spend that free time actually trading and growing your wealth

More importantly, armed with this new knowledge you will see the moonboy tricks and pitfalls a mile off.

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What You're Going to Get:

This Crypto Technical Analysis programme is ALL you need to master TA for Crypto and build wealth trading!

You're going to get instant access to an entire 60+ lecture video lecture series that will walk you through from BASIC to ADVANCED TA Tactics used by the professionals

Video Programme Modules:

  1. Setting Up your Charts & Exchanges
  2. Understanding Japanese Candlestick Theory
  3. Identifying Trends
  4. Using and Understanding Technical Indicators
  5. Identifying & Acting upon Trading Patterns
  6. Setting Up Trades & Risk Management

You will no longer need to scour YouTube looking for explanations to all your TA questions!

If there is a TA topic missing, simply tag me in the discord and if appropriate a new lecture will be uploaded covering the questions!

You're Going to Get These 5 FREE Bonuses:

Bonus #1: You'll receive FREE access to my Ultimate Crypto Investing Guide

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Bonus #2: You'll receive FREE access to our Trading Pattern Cheat Sheets. So you will have all the important trading patterns with you on your desk as you trade!

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Bonus #3: Free access to our discord community! Engage with the crypto trading community, ask questions and share insights

(Worth $299)

Bonus #4: FREE access to our Risk Management Checklist! Keep this checklist handy with you and check them off before EVERY TRADE!

(Worth $49)

Bonus #5: ALL FUTURE Lectures are FREE! This programme will be continually updated! I will not be offering any further Technical Analysis course after this one! This one will be complete and kept up to date with further lectures and enhancements. You'll get these at no further cost!


You'll get all these bonuses AND lifetime access to the programme + all materials


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You'll Learn Essential Wealth Building Technical Lessons Like...

✅ Setting Up Your Charts Like a Pro

✅ Understanding How to Use an Exchange Properly (Limit Order, Conditional Order; Spot vs Derivative)

✅ What is a Bullish Engulfing Candle?!

✅ What is a Cup & Handle Pattern?

✅ What is a Moving Average?

✅ How do I use the RSI and MACD?

✅ And SO SO much more...

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